How to Become a Psychic Detective?

Growing up I have always been fascinated with psychic detectives as they have an extraordinary wealth of knowledge about the world of mediumship, how to use it, develop it, control it to resolve riddles and crimes. Using paranormal psychic abilities in murder cases may mean to be in communication with the spirits of the murder victims sounds very intriguing to me. Out of curiosity I even tried to consult a Toronto Psychic to help me determine if I have a calling specifically inclined to this as I feel deeply interested and curious on how it works and how to develop this gift if you have one.

Psychic Detective

How to be a psychic detective?

Upon speaking with a Toronto Psychic, I tried to research further about being a psychic detective as it sparked my interest further. Below are pointers on how to become one:

  1. Determine if you have a psychic gift. You have to confirm if you are in possession of a psychic gift be it telepathy, ability to see the past, future (both), psychometry or other psychic abilities.
  2. Develop Skills. You have to consciously develop your skills like intuition, clairvoyance, remote viewing, mediumship or other effective methods that you are inclined to so it can help you bring clarity and answers to your cases.
  3. Equip yourself with the right tools. Tools as basic as paper, pen, compass, camera, videos camera, recorder, laptop will be handy.
  4. Know your resources. Establish credible resources especially when working with historic cases. Use maps, newspaper clippings, photographs and other tools to help you unlock the truth and have understanding on what has happened.
  5. Build work experience. Proving yourself is an important factor into the psychic detective field. You have to immerse yourself into various cases and build your reputation. Execute a comprehensive investigation, gather valuable information regarding the case that you are working on, find witnesses, record anything you discover that could be relevant to the case and be very thorough before arriving at a conclusion.

Common struggles of a Psychic Detective

Psychic detectives or psychic investigators have been consulted in law enforcement cases. However, most police departments do not advertise the involvement of a psychic in a police investigation.

With that being stated, it is unlikely that a police department will contact you and ask for your services with a case. It is more likely that you will volunteer your services.

It could be difficult to build a network on the onset of your career as a psychic detective, allowing one’s reputation and experience in this field to make the rounds in as many circle as possible.

Using your intuition and psychic ability to solve crimes could sound funny and unbelievable to many people.

How to overcome these common struggles?

Initially you have to have faith in yourself, it all starts there. Then you can improve your main skills such as the ability to listen to people, having extraordinary intuition, making people feel comfortable so they can easily share information with you, give them emotional support if they are going through trying times and just believe in yourself so that people will start to believe in you too. Have confidence and do your work diligently and surely you will establish a good work ethics that will help you boost your credibility and your career.

Being a Psychic Detective

This profession takes a lot of courage, patience and perseverance. It can be a quite difficult profession as there are a lot of questions and negativities that comes along with the nature of the job however it can also be very fulfilling. Helping people out can be very rewarding especially if you get to finally solve a long overdue crime investigation.

This job can bring you sense of purpose and joy for every solved mystery. It would make you want to help more and this is a good contribution to the society. If this is your passion, just go with it and it will be worth it.