Things You Should Know Before You Join the Military

Joining the military is one of the most rewarding growth experiences you can ever have in your life. Many Americans consider joining the military every year, but one needs to understand that it is very challenging and you will need to have a total commitment to what you do. Joining the military is not like any other job; you will have to be mentally committed to fighting for your country in all circumstances. Unlike other jobs, life at the military will mould your character, and you will become a totally different person. So, if you are planning to join the military, it is better to first know about certain things before you join.

The motivation to serve the country should come from within:

If you are planning to join the military, you shouldn’t expect anyone to motivate to serve the country. It is no one’s responsibility to motivate you to serve. The commitment should come within, and you should be motivated to understand that you are serving for a greater cause.  You need to have the right set of attitude. If you are planning to join the military just because you do not have anything to do in life, then you will have a miserable experience. So if that is the case, then you might want to do something else with your life.


Being fit is not an option:

You need to understand that you will have to go through boot camp so that you will be shaped to be a military person. During this time you will have to work extremely hard, and you might even be left behind if you don’t make it to the mark. So make sure that your body is fit so that you will be able to bear many adverse conditions. You will be going through training tests, and you will have to meet the right standards. There will be challenging training events like shooting, land navigation, rucking, swimming etc.  One of the biggest barriers for Americans is the height and weight challenge.

You will have to take the initiative:

Taking the initiative is a skill which is expected of you when you join the military. You will also be taught how to take initiatives. Research about basic things and learn about where you might be deployed, the geographic area you are likely to be deployed and all such things. Learning about these things will help you be ahead of others, and it will also give you a head start.

Medical Records:

When you join the military, you will be screened medically and if you have had any prior surgeries, broken bones, or other illness you might not qualify. You will need some kind of medical waivers to qualify.