Military Habits Anyone Can Adopt

Military Habits That Anyone Can Adopt For Better Performance

If you join the military and successfully complete the training, one thing is for sure: you will come out a very different person. You will be efficient, tough, and above all, disciplined.

But what if you could at least develop this military aura and use it in your day to day life without actually signing up? CBS News wrote an article that focused on Jesse Itzler, an Atlanta entrepreneur, who spent 30 days with a seal.

Retired Navy SEAL David Goggins has a saying: When your brain says that you’re done, you’re only 40 percent done.

It’s something Jesse Itzler, an Atlanta Hawks owner and co-founder of Marquis Jet, reminds himself of after having had Goggins as his live-in personal trainer for a month.

Goggins first caught Itzler’s attention at a 100-mile race. Itzler was running as part of a relay and Goggins was running the full length solo. According to Itzler, Goggins had broken all the small bones in his feet and had kidney failure during the race.

“I’d never seen anything like this in my life, and I was like, ‘I gotta meet this guy and see what makes him tick,'” Itzler said Monday on “CBS This Morning.”

The entrepreneur called Goggins and went to visit him.

“Five minutes into our conversation, I said, ‘You know what? The buckets in my life would be so much better if a little of what he had rubbed off onto me.’ And I invited him to come live with my wife and I for a month,” Itzler recalled.

But Goggins had one condition before moving in:

“Just do what I say. No matter what,” he said.

At the center of Goggins’ philosophy is mental toughness.

“The only way you gain mental toughness is to do things you’re not happy doing. If you continue doing things that you’re satisfied and make you happy, you’re not getting stronger. You’re staying where you’re at,” Goggins said. “Either you’re getting better or you’re getting worse. You’re not staying the same.”

But you can’t rule out healthy eating if you want to be a military-level productive machine. You need to be disciplined when it comes to what, when, and how much you put in your mouth. The ketogenic diet is pretty great for this. Health Line has an article that talks about how keto can enhance your daily performance.

Research has been done on the use of fat as fuel in sports performance.

During exercise, fat provides more energy at lower intensities and carbs provide more energy at higher intensities.

This is known as the “crossover effect.”

Recently, researchers wanted to see if a low-carb diet could alter this effect.

Their study found that ketogenic athletes burned mostly fat at up to 70% of max intensity, vs only 55% in the high-carb athletes. In fact, the ketogenic athletes in this study burned the most fat ever recorded in a research setting.

Studies have found that low-carb diets can help prevent tiredness during prolonged exercise. They may also help you lose fat and improve health, without compromising low-to-moderate intensity exercise performance.

Furthermore, these diets can teach your body to burn more fat, which may help you preserve muscle glycogen during exercise.

There are variations to the keto diet as well as different supplements. One such product is Pruvit Keto OS, which is promises you a shortcut to keto.

If you can combine a seal’s mindset and a perfect work-machine body through diet and exercise, you can most definitely increase your output at your job or business.