Military men who are in business

These Business Powerhouses Are Ex-Military

In our last post, we talked about a few military habits and how anyone can adopt them for better performance.

There is no doubt military training instills great skills and habits in men and women that they can use outside military circles. To prove this, Business Insider made a list of Fortune 500 CEOs who once served in the army.

Proctor and Gamble: Robert A. McDonald

Robert A. McDonald wanted to be in the Army so bad that he wrote his congressman for an special exemption at just 11 years old. Eventually, he came of age and got his wish, serving in the 82nd Airborne Division and retiring with the rank of Captain.

Casey’s General Store: Robert Myers

Robert Myers spent 22 years in the US Army, serving in Germany, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait and finally retiring with the rank of lieutenant colonel in 1988.

Walgreens: James A. Skinner

Skinner began his career working at a McDonald’s in Iowa. He then went on to join the US Navy and serve for nearly 10 years, including two tours of the Gulf of Tonkin during the Vietnam war.

Before Herb Vest sold his financial advisory firm, H.D. Vest, to Wells Fargo in 2001 for $127.5 million, he served for nearly four years in Vietnam, in the airborne cavalry, where he lead dangerous helicopter raids as an officer.

None of these ventured into the online business but if you haven’t noticed, the internet is ripe for the milking. If you can combine their military discipline and a great online business plan, there is no doubt that you will succeed. Entrepreneur posted an article on what’s necessary to be successful online.

Step 1: Find a need and fill it.

Most people who are just starting out make the mistake of looking for a product first, and a market second.

To boost your chances of success, start with a market. The trick is to find a group of people who are searching for a solution to a problem, but not finding many results.

Step 2: Write copy that sells.

There’s a proven sales copy formula that takes visitors through the selling process from the moment they arrive to the moment they make a purchase:

Step 4: Use search engines to drive targeted buyers to your site.

Pay-per-click advertising is the easiest way to get traffic to a brand-new site. It has two advantages over waiting for the traffic to come to you organically. First, PPC ads show up on the search pages immediately, and second, PPC ads allow you to test different keywords, as well as headlines, prices and selling approaches.

One thing of note is that you need the right tools. Tools like sales funnels, when combined with high traffic, can be a money spitting machine. You do not have to know how to build a sales funnel. On Hustle Life, you can find Clicksfunnel that is super easy to implement.

The businesses world is tougher than ever these days even though there are more opportunities. You will have an edge over your competition if you can use the right tools and a SEAL’s mentality.